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Artificial intelligence (AI) is pervading almost every area of electronics today: from data centers, through edge accelerators to endpoint devices. Applications range from large scale analysis of medical data and online retail recommendation engines, to robotics and computer vision, to sensor fusion in the tiniest sensor nodes. The infusion of AI techniques into so many areas of computing is changing compute paradigms across the board.


The AI Everywhere Forum provides insights into following areas:

  • AI Chips: Keeping up with these changes is no mean feat, especially given AI’s propensity to evolve at a staggering rate. How does one design chips for a constantly shifting workload like this? Technology trends such as chiplets and silicon photonics are emerging to boost performance for AI applications. What chips and systems are coming to the market for the data center, edge applications or ultra-low power systems, and how to choose between them?
  • AI Systems: What are the biggest challenges AI systems present today? There are as many types of AI system as there are electronic systems, but most need an optimal combination of prediction accuracy, power consumption and latency. AI is extremely compute and memory-hungry; what’s the best way to meet these demands in systems with limited resources? What accelerator modules/cards best suit data center and edge systems?
  • AI Design Tools & Software: AI hardware is of course only half the battle. New types of accelerators require brand new software stacks to function. All applications need models and training data to work effectively. And a new breed of AI platforms is emerging to help embedded designers to curate their AI models and datasets to help guarantee success. 

The technical conference provides following tracks with Keynotes, Panel Discussions and Technical Presentations:

  • AI Chips
  • AI Systems and System Design
  • AI  Design Tools, Software and Data

The exhibition with booths/microsites from leading AI companies with lots of useful technical information is open now.


More details about the conference program, please see Agenda below!

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